ROFUS is a national self-exclusion program launched by the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA), the body responsible for licensing and overseeing gambling activities in Denmark.

ROFUS comprises a register of players who have self-excluded from gambling services licensed in Denmark (not applicable to MGA-license casinos without NemID).

How Does ROFUS Work?

The program invites players who feel that they have become problem gamblers to ban themselves from online casinos licensed in Denmark either on a temporary or permanent basis. Danish players who want to voluntarily withdraw from all gambling activities licensed in Denmark can register for ROFUS using their NemID.

Before registering for ROFUS, Danish players should bear the following points:

  • They cannot cancel their registration or reverse their self-exclusion even if they regret self-excluding at a later date.
  • ROFUS encompasses all licensed online casinos and land-based casinos across Denmark.
  • When a player registers for ROFUS, he/she is consenting to allowing operators handle their data.


As previously mentioned, you need your NemID to register for ROFUS. However, you can register even if you don’t have one. You have to fill in and submit form number 9-01 through the contact form on the official website of the Danish Gambling Authority.

Alternatively, you can send your form to Spillemyndigheden, Englandsgade 25, 6.sal, 5000 Odense C, Denmark.

As previously mentioned, players registered for ROFUS voluntarily withdraw from all land-based and online gambling activities in Denmark, provided these activities are licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority. The self-exclusion time period can be 24 hours, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. In case the problem is severe, players can opt for permanent self-exclusion.

If you opt to withdraw temporarily for a period of 24 hours, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months, the self-exclusion is automatically removed at the end of that period. In case of permanent self-exclusion, players can end the self-exclusion only after one year from the date of registration.

They have to log into their ROFUS account at through their NemID and make a request to end self-exclusion to the Danish Gambling Authority. They should then confirm their request by logging into their ROFUS account seven days after and 30 days before they made the request.

Your registration with ROFUS is personal and confidential. The Danish Gambling Authority keeps your registration information safe and only permits licensed gambling operators to view your details. But these operators can view your details only when you try to use their services during the self-exclusion period.

When players register for ROFUS, they automatically agree not to receive marketing information from gambling businesses. During the self-exclusion period, they will not receive any promotional emails or advertisements from gambling businesses licensed in Denmark.

Operators attempting to send players promotional emails when they are in self-exclusion will receive a notification that the players are currently registered with ROFUS. Gambling advertisements include commercial contact of any nature through email address, mobile number or postal address. However, this feature does not protect self-excluded players from unaddressed online and mail advertisements.


The following is a set of questions that players commonly ask the Danish Gambling Authority about ROFUS.

Q1: Why is a NemID required while registering for ROFUS?

A: Registering with a NemID not only ensures top level security, but also prevents fake registrations. However, it is also possible to register without NemID using form no. 9-01.

Q2: Can anybody discover that I have registered with ROFUS?

A: ROFUS is highly secure and accessible only to selected employees of the Danish Gambling Authority. Even these employees can handle your information only if you give them the permission to do so. Operators are notified of the fact that you have registered with ROFUS only if you attempt to access their services during the self-exclusion period.

Q3: I am registered with ROFUS, but I would like to play. What should I do?

A: You should wait till the end of your self-exclusion period. Under no circumstances can you alter, cancel, or reverse your registration with ROFUS.

Q4: Will the online casino refund my deposit when I register with ROFUS?

A: When you opt for permanent self-exclusion through ROFUS, your gaming operator will close your gaming account and refund your deposit. If your self-exclusion period is temporary, your gaming operator will only temporarily deactivate your gaming account.

Q5: What should I do in case I register with ROFUS, but still receive advertisements from gambling operators?

A: In this case, you should complain to the Danish Gambling Authority, which will issue a notice to the gambling operator in question.


Over 20,000 Danish players are registered with ROFUS, indicating that the system is indeed protecting thousands of players from the negative effects of licensed online and land-based gambling. Recently, the Danish gambling regulator also made it mandatory for players to set daily, monthly, or weekly deposit limits before beginning to gamble at online casinos.