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Real Change’s New Resource Guide for Homelessness

Real Change released Seattle’s The Emerald City Resource Guide in April 2018. This new pocket-size resource guide is intended to help homeless people navigate a spiderweb of resources in King County. You can download The Emerald City Resource Guide here.

A common refrain in homeless services is that Seattle’s strength — a large number of nonprofits working to take care of homeless people — is also its weakness. In 2017, King County was home to 77 organizations that shelter or house homeless people. That’s 25 more than the city of San Francisco, and more than the entire state of Montana.

If you’re homeless, navigating this vast network can be hard. That’s why Real Change released a pocket guide to services for homeless people.

“Real Change is printing 40,000 copies of this Emerald City Resource Guide, a 132-page booklet they hope homeless people will use to navigate the city’s spiderweb of resources.” (Photo courtesy of Real Change)

This durable and comprehensive pocket-sized booklet puts 132 slim pages of essential resources at the fingertips of homeless and very low-income people. New editions of the Emerald City Resource Guide will be published at least annually to keep services reliable and accurate.

The guidebook will list services such as health care, shelters and meals — and also features special sections for help with LGBTQ resources, culturally specific services and assistance with immigration issues.

The Emerald City Resource Guide complements online service listings that already exist by making the information immediately accessible to those who lack consistent access to technology.

According to Real Change Director Tim Harris, “I recently heard the story of a woman at a bus stop late at night, when she was approached by a young woman looking for a place to stay that night. The young woman didn’t have a cell phone, and by that time libraries were closed and she had nowhere to turn to look up local shelters. The first woman quickly searched through her phone, and was able to point the young woman in the right direction. If she had a guidebook, she said, she would have been able to hand the young woman a copy, connecting her to more support opportunities.”

“This is our vision on the Emerald City Resource Guide: a pocket-sized portal to change. As someone flips through the guidebook, looking for a shelter, maybe they’ll pass an entry on drug treatment services, or a job readiness program, and inspiration will spark.” – Real Change Director, Tim Harris

This pilot guidebook was made possible by a $20,000 Seattle Human Services Department Innovation Grant, $12,000 in sponsorships from a wide variety of partners, and around $4,000 of Real Change’s own money. Current sponsors of the Resource Guide include: 2-1-1, YWCA, Amerigroup Washington, Muslim Association of Puget Sound, Neighborcare Health, Jewish Family Service, DESC, Solid Ground, Evergreen Treatment Services, Pike Place Market Senior Center, Recovery Café, ROOTS and Community Health Plan of WA.

Read more about this new resource in Real Change News: Director’s Corner or The Seattle Times.

Business Resource Open House at Delridge Branch of the Seattle Public Library

Whether you are starting or growing a business, there are local assistance organizations that will help you succeed. Maybe you are looking for financial help, counseling on the viability of a business idea, or just advice on next steps.

You’ll meet organizations like SCORE, which provides free one-on-one counseling, workshops, and tools for entrepreneurs. Talk with representatives from Mercy Corps NW about their microloan programs for starting or growing a business. Other participating organizations include the following:

Business Impact NW | Craft3 | Mercy Corps NW | Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship | Employee Benefits Security Administration | Rainier Valley Community Development Fund | Seattle Restaurant Success Program | Grow Seattle Fund | Seattle Business Retention/Expansion Program at Seattle’s Office of Economic Development | U.S. Small Business Administration, Seattle District Office | Ventures | Greater Seattle SCORE

When: Thursday, June 14th, 2018 (3:00PM – 5:00PM)

Where: SPL (Seattle Public Library) Delridge Branch

5423 Delridge Way S.W.
Seattle, WA

Phone: (206) 386-4636

Get Directions

Suitable for: Adults

Language: English

Download a class flyer here.

Find more information on the Seattle Public Library Website.

Upcoming Class: Civil Law Suits without Tears – The Basics of Representing Yourself in Court

Representing yourself in court is a complicated process and can be overwhelming. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of the civil lawsuit process with a focus on court rules, court procedures, forms, scheduling, and deadlines. Attendees will be granted access to a password protected website with additional information and resources, including the most commonly used civil litigation forms.

Common civil lawsuit types include landlord tenant, family law, wills and probate, garnishment of wages, personal injury, and property disputes, just to name a few. This class does not cover immigration proceedings or criminal proceedings such as DUI or felony and misdemeanor offenses.

The workshop will be 90 minutes and will run from 6-7:30pm.

When: Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 (6:00PM – 7:30PM)

Where: SPL (Seattle Public Library) Central Library, Level 4 Room 2

1000 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
Level 4, Room 2
Phone: (206) 386-4636

Get Directions

Suitable for: Adults

Language: English

Download a class flyer here.

Find more information on the Seattle Public Library Website.

New Seattle Library Hours

Beginning Monday, April 2nd, the Seattle library branch, located inside the King County Courthouse, will observe new hours of operation:

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:30pm

Please note that these changes will affect the Seattle library branch only.

Should you have any questions about these upcoming changes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Kent Library Hours

Beginning Wednesday, February 14th, the Kent library branch, located inside the Maleng Regional Justice Center, will close every day from 2pm – 3pm for lunch.

Starting March 1st, the Kent library branch will observe new hours of operations:

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm; closed from 2pm – 3pm for lunch.

Please note that these changes will affect the Kent library branch only; there will not be any changes to the hours of operation for the Seattle branch.

Should you have any questions about these upcoming changes, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Statement on Net Neutrality

American Association of Law Libraries Statement on Net Neutrality (AALL) Re: Law Libraries & Access to Justice

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) denounces today’s decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to repeal U.S. net neutrality rules.

Today’s action undermines a fundamental principle of our democracy, and that is equal access by the public to government information. This action allows Internet Service Providers (IPSs) to block users, slow access, and charge more for certain content. In short, ISPs are now able to determine what information the public can access, what it cannot, and at what cost.

Without net neutrality, law libraries, whose crucial mission relies on the ability to provide users with equitable access to up-to-date online legal information, may not be able to pay the fees for preferred access. These users are not just attorneys but researchers, self-represented litigants, students and small business owners. Without net neutrality, ISPs will have the ability to stifle innovation and suppress free expression.

Net neutrality provides all Internet users with equal access to lawful content on the web, regardless of an ISP’s opinion of the material. AALL strongly urges Congress to act to reverse today’s ill-considered decision by the FCC.

–Greg Lambert
President of AALL,
Chief Knowledge Services Officer, Jackson Walker

Take Action for Libraries – What You Can Do:

Send an email 

On December 14, a majority of FCC commissioners voted to gut net neutrality protections that limit the power of Internet Service Proviers (ISPs) to block, throttle, degrade or preference some online content and services over others. This 3-2 vote to roll back strong, enforceable net neutrality protections was made in the face of widespread protests, millions of public comments and overwhelming opposition from across the political spectrum.

The FCC vote, though, is not the final word on this vital issue. The Congressional Review Act (CRA) gives Congress the ability and authority to nullify the FCC’s actions. Congress can and should vote to restore net neutrality and protect the free and open internet.

What you can do: Call and email your members of Congress today and ask them to use a Resolution of Disapproval under the CRA to repeal the recent FCC action and restore the 2015 Open Internet Order protections.

 Send an email 

Inslee, Ferguson and legislators prepared to push back against damaging federal actions

On the eve of an expected vote by the Federal Communications Commission to roll back crucial net neutrality rules, Gov. Jay Inslee joined Attorney General Bob Ferguson, legislators, and business leaders to announce state plans to preserve an open internet and protect Washington consumers from internet companies that are not transparent about costs or services.

Read more about Governor Inslee and Attorney General Feguson’s actions here.

Announcing New Subscriber Benefits

Big changes are afoot in the law library’s subscriber program, making it one of the best deals around.

Beginning on November 15th subscribers receive the following new subscriber-only benefits:


“Let Us Do Your Research!”

With this new service you can hand off your research question to our skilled reference staff and we will provide a research memorandum with references to applicable law and resources.

Research services are billed at a rate of $100 per hour, in 15 minute increments.

More information can be found HERE.


One Hour of Additional Westlaw Time

You may have noticed that the law library significantly expanded our Westlaw subscription in 2017. In addition to our previous coverage of primary law from all state and federal jurisdictions, Washington Practice, law reviews and jury verdicts, we now have state and federal court filings, and the bulk of the West treatise collection.

Current rules limit all patrons to two hours of Westlaw time per day. As a subscriber you will now be able to request an extra hour of Westlaw time. Just come to the desk to request your additional hour.


Three Free Document Deliveries Per Year

Give us your known citation to a case, statute, law review or other document in our collection and we will deliver a copy to you electronically. Restrictions on the size of documents will apply.

More information can be found HERE.

This is a $60 dollar value based on current subscriber pricing!

Living with Conviction: Sentenced to Debt for Life in Washington State

Join Deborah Espinosa, documentary photographer and attorney, as she celebrates the conclusion of her collection, Living with Conviction: Sentenced to Debt for Life in Washington State at the Kent branch of the King County Library System on Friday, December 15th from 4pm – 6pm.


Living with Conviction: Sentenced to Debt for Life in Washington State will feature individuals sharing their personal stories of struggling to survive and thrive under court-imposed fines, fees, costs, and victim restitution, aka “Legal Financial Obligations” or “LFOs,” which accrue interest at a rate of 12%. Living with Conviction is the creation of documentary photographer and attorney, Deborah Espinosa. She believes that the purpose of law is to serve our communities and to level the playing field, and thereby create a more just society. The only way to know if a law is serving us is to listen to those most impacted. This project does just that. 

Deborah’s photographs will be on display in the Kent library from December 2nd to December 14th.

The Kent library is located at 212 2nd Avenue North, Kent, WA 98032. Questions about this program and Deborah Espinosa’s collection should be directed to Carla McLean, Librarian for Adult Services .

Free Legal Help with Washington Web Lawyer

Washington Web Lawyer is a website where low-income clients with civil legal problems in Washington state post their legal questions online and receive advice from pro bono attorneys. You must register for free and create an account in order to use Washington Web Lawyer.

To get free legal advice through Washington Web Lawyer, you must first qualify for help. When you register to create a new account on the Washington Web Lawyer website, you will be asked questions about yourself, your income, and your legal problem. All of your answers will be kept secret.

Once you have created an account and logged in, you will be prompted to type in your legal question. If you have a court date or other deadline coming up, Washington Web Lawyer cannot promise that you will get an answer before that time. You will be sent an email when a lawyer answers your question. You will have to log back into the Washington Web Lawyer website in order to read the lawyer’s message and advice. If it is not clear, you can ask more questions by sending a follow-up message.

Visit them online at

If you have problems navigating the site, or are experiencing problems with the site, you may contact Washington Web Lawyer at . This email address is for technical questions or problems only. Legal questions will not be answered.

Note about privacy:

Washington Web Lawyer allows eligible users to post a legal question to a private online messaging system. The questions are answered by volunteer attorneys. Washington Web Lawyer users can check the system for answers at any time. Only the website administrator and the volunteer attorney answering a Washington Web Lawyer client’s question can see the user’s name. All information posted is held in strict confidence.

Washington Web Lawyer is administered by the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association Volunteer Legal Services Program in partnership with the Washington State Alliance for Equal Justice, including the Access to Justice Board, ATJ Delivery Systems Committee, Washington State Pro Bono Council, Washington Web Lawyer Advisory Committee, Legal Foundation of Washington and TPCBA VLS Committee. Special thanks to Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz and Online Tennessee Justice, the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services, Geoff Revelle, and our many Washington State partner organizations and stakeholders for their critical support of this project. These entities share the goal of increasing access to civil legal services for those who cannot afford it. All information posted is held in strict confidence.

Putting Your Browser to Work: Extensions That Make You More Productive

Browser extensions are effective tools for enhancing productivity and improving web browsing. Whether you need help staying away from distracting websites, saving articles for later, or remembering passwords, there is an extension or add-on out there that can help.

This article was originally published by Kris Turner on October 4, 2017 in Inside Track, the bi-weekly newsletter of the state bar of Wisconsin. Vol. 9, No. 19, October 2017.

Working in an office today, especially a law office, means that you will spend a lot of time staring at a computer monitor – conducting research, answering emails, and doing day-to-day work.

Browser extensions are a great way to make the technological aspect of your job easier. Extensions are add-ons that live within your browser of choice. They focus on performing particular tasks or improving user experience in a particular way.

The extensions below are mostly free and are meant to make you a more productive, better researcher. The majority are available for either Chrome or Firefox, but there are several that are available for other browsers as well. These browser extensions can help solve a workflow or productivity problem at little or no cost.

Find extensions by searching in the Google Store, the Chrome Web Store, the Firefox add-on menu, or similar locations in Opera, Explorer, Edge, or Safari. You can add these extensions by finding them in the store or menu and following the instructions on each page.

Legal Research Extensions


RECAP the Law

Availability: Chrome and Firefox

Price: Free

RECAP (PACER spelled backward) is a handy extension that encourages you to “free the law.” When you search PACER, any document or docket you view will be added to RECAP’s free database for others to use, essentially allowing you to provide a public service as you work. In addition, if you are about to view a document that is already in RECAP’s archive, you will be notified of the document’s availability before you view it on PACER.


Availability: Chrome and Firefox

Price: Free

For those who use Westlaw and Lexis, Bestlaw adds features to make legal research faster and easier. These features include bluebook citation copying, document sharing, content highlights, and much more. For those who rely on these giant databases, this is an excellent addition to your repertoire.


Availability: Chrome and Firefox

Price: Free

We’ve all found that perfect article for research and … it’s behind an impenetrable paywall. What to do next? Unpaywall makes that next step easy by searching for free (and legal) versions of articles you need. Unpaywall crawls the web while you search, and lets you know if it finds a free version of that sought-after article. It’s a time-saving research tool.

AppGoogle Scholar Button

Availability: Chrome and Firefox

Price: Free

Google Scholar is becoming an increasingly reliable location for checking for scholarly journal articles (as well as case law). This extension takes that usefulness and enhances it by helping you find any article that you may be looking for with one extra click. If you are on a paywalled page, Google Scholar will search its archive to see if it can be easily and freely located.


Availability: Chrome and Firefox

Price: Free

Jureeka is a nice legal research tool to have running quietly in the background. A very simple tool from Cornell’s LII (Legal Information Institute), Jureeka adds links to case citations on many pages. If you find yourself on an informative page that lists cases, Jureeka adds hotlinks to each case that will send you to a freely available full-text opinion if it is available. Another time-saver when performing legal research.

Passwords, Adblocking, and Trackers


Availability: Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari

Price: Free

Ghostery is a great extension if you want to have fewer sites tracking you, blasting you with ads, or just generally slowing down your online experience. When Ghostery is running, it will tell you who is tracking you and for what purpose (analytics or social media, among other reasons). You can choose to block certain trackers on all websites, or just particular ones. This will lead to more privacy and faster internet speeds.

AppAdblock Plus

Availability: Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Price: Free

Adblock Plus removes advertisements from many websites. Pop-ups, ads before videos, ads that pop up under the web page, and background ads all are removed from your web experience. This will make your browser work faster, and generally lead to a less stressful time online. Adblock Plus leads to not only a more productive day, but also an overall better time online.


Availability: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari

Price: Free (for basic, premium options available)

Disconnect not only blocks ads, but also eliminates trackers, enhances bandwidth, and generally makes your work online faster and safer. Disconnect combines the elements of many of the other browsers listed here by blocking trackers (like Ghostery), blocking ads and videos (like Adblock Plus), and creating a secure VPN connection. It’s a nice one-stop shop for safer online browsing.


Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

Timewarp is a great way to increase your productivity. It has three ways to keep you away from time-wasting sites. It adds a timer to designated websites to show you just how much time you are spending on that page. You can have it redirect your browser away from a time-wasting website. And you can add a quote that shows up when you visit the pre-designated site as a warning about wasting time. If you need it, it’s a cool way to self-police your browsing habits.

AppStrict Workflow

Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

Need a more merciless and unyielding extension to keep you away from distracting sites? Strict Workflow, when activated, imposes a time limit in which you must be productive, and then a brief break to check other sites. You choose which pages should be blocked, and Strict Workflow will do the rest.


Availability: Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari

Price: Free (with premium options)

LastPass is a solution if you have trouble remembering various website logins, while still using unique passwords to ensure better security. You only need to remember one password (for LastPass), and LastPass will store your information securely and allow you to log in without having to remember difficult passwords. LastPass can also store your payment information, other secure data, and be synced across platforms and phones so you can be more secure in an increasingly unsecure internet.


Availability: Chrome and Firefox

Price: Free

RescueTime is another extension that tracks how much time you are spending on distracting websites. RescueTime determines which of your tabs is active and tracks how often and for how long you are there. It can also tell when you walk away from your computer and stop tracking when you aren’t there. Your logs can then tell you just where your day goes. It is a handy way to review your day and your typical work habits.

New Tab Productivity Extensions


Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

When you open a new tab, Momentum replaces the plain white page with a beautiful image and a quote. You can also edit the page to add your goals for the day, list your most popular links, and keep track of your local weather. Momentum very simply provides you with an overview of your day when you open a new tab.


Availability: Chrome and Firefox

Price: Free

I am very guilty of this – I will often have 10 or more tabs open while performing research, and will lose my way when trying to remember where I was. OneTab takes away this hassle by converting your tabs into one tab that lists everything you had open. It is just as easy to view (if not easier) and will save you time as you try to retrace your research.

AppBe Limitless

Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

Be Limitless, much like Momentum, takes your plain new tab page and pumps it full of useful information and productivity tips. With this extension, you get the beautiful background, a productivity tip, and a tracker that tells you how much time you have spent being productive, on social media, and more. These extensions take the “dead space” of the new tabs and make them work for you.

AppSpeed Dial FVD

Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

Another great way to enhance your new tab page is to make it a “speed dial.” There are several extensions that can do this, but Speed Dial FVD does so with a unique 3D menu that syncs with your bookmarks and your most frequently visited pages. Save yourself one step while opening new tabs with a speed dial for your favorite sites.

Reading and Writing Extensions


Availability: Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Firefox, Safari

Price: Free (with premium options)

One way to make your time more productive is to save for later any interesting articles you want to read. Pocket allows you to do just that and makes them available later on for online or offline reading. On top of that, Pocket will also suggest similar articles or trending articles of the day, aggregating results based on what you are saving. It’s a great tool for when you need to get work done, but really don’t want to forget about an article you want to read.

AppMercury Reader

Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

Mercury Reader is an effective tool for those of us that get easily distracted when reading an article online. Mercury Reader strips away all the distractions, leaving only the actual content that you want to read. Safari and Firefox both have reader modes, and Chrome has one that is currently being worked on. Mercury Reader allows you to get your simple reader view right now.


Availability: Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Firefox, Safari

Price: Free (with premium options)

If you are like me, you are often nervous about a grammatical or spelling error in an important email. Grammarly is there to put your fears to bed. As you write (on any web page), Grammarly tracks your spelling and grammar and makes suggestions to ensure that you are not embarrassed. You can turn Grammarly off at any time in case you do not want it tracking you. Grammarly goes above and beyond the normal spellchecker and has saved me from making numerous errors.


Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

There are times when you just have to read an article online. Readism will give you an estimate of how long it will take you to read it via an unobtrusive box in your browser. A simple but extremely effective way to manage your time while online.

Miscellaneous Productivity Extensions

AppGoogle Translate

Availability: Chrome and Firefox (unofficial version)

Price: Free

While Google Translate is a pretty well-known feature of Google, the browser extension makes its tools even easier to use. If you find yourself on a page in a foreign language, you can simply click the translate icon to quickly get a translation of the whole page. You can also highlight a particular phrase for a quick translation. While the translation is likely not 100-percent perfect, it will certainly give you an idea of what the page is about.


Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

Hovercards is a combination security and productivity extension. If you receive an email with a link that you don’t trust, Hovercards allows you to “peek behind the curtain” and see where that link will take you. Hovercards will also play a video in its popup screen, saving you the time of actually visiting the site for the video to play.


Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

If you are at all like me, you sometimes need to drown out distractions while you are working. Noisli does just that for you, providing white noise that is aimed to both increase productivity and relax you. You can modify the white noise yourself or simply select random and let the white noise roll.

AppAwesome screenshot

Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

Taking a screenshot within your browser is an excellent tool for you to use to show a computer problem to your information technology department, to share your ideas easily, and to quickly share inspiration. However, many of these tools only take a picture of what is on the screen. Awesome screenshot allows you to take a shot of the entire website, saving you and the recipient time and aggravation.

Extensions: Effective Tools

Extensions can be extremely effective tools that can greatly enhance your productivity (and also improve your personal web browsing). Whether you need help staying away from distracting websites, saving articles for later, or remembering passwords, there is an extension out there that can help.